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Prototype 3

So having finished University, and getting positive responses about my wooden bicycle, to keep the momentum going, I’m going to spent time working on prototype 3.

The first prototype was a proof of concept: to see if timber could be used as a material frame for the construction of bicycles, so far so good.

The second prototype, was to build upon the original flaws, the two major issues were:

1. Excessive flexibility of the bottom bracket

2. Aesthetic value

From the test riding, to the positive responses, I believe I’ve sufficiently tackled these two issues.

So the goal of the third prototype, will be to continue resolving issues with the first two frames.

The major goals are:

1. Continue aesthetic value/traits.

2. Design a frame that is under 2 kg

3. Stream line my manufacturing process

4. Having precision engineering alignment

5. FEA analysis and stress testing.

6. Market analysis of a potential business proposition

I’ve done a few initial designs, but they deserve more attention and should be explored further before prototyping begins. I’ll keep you updated!


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This entry was posted on November 16, 2012 by in Prototype 3, Wooden Bicycles.
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