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Mark 4 and 5 Update

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since an update, but I promise it hasn’t been because I’ve been procrastinating! Lots of time has been spent working on projects, and so apart from instragram, I haven’t had a chance to talk about what I’m doing, however if you do follow me on instagram (craftsmanchin) then you’ll be able to see it all!

Mark 4 and Mark 5 have been completed! It’s taken a while, but they are finally all done, Mark 5 will also be shipped up to Canberra next week, for Ausfpa. I’ll get a chance in the next couple of days to discuss the process and end result of the frames.

I’m thinking of making one more wooden frame, and then taking a hiatus for a while, just to focus more time on other things. Things such as leather-working, woodworking and metalworking, basically building towards becoming an all-rounded craftsman. I have an obsession with handcraft, and expanding my skills and knowledge, may lead to more work and better opportunities.

I was recently introduced to leathercraft by a close friend, he was talking how natural leather fades overtime, turning from a light pink, to a almost mahogany dark brown, just through natural processes and wear and tear, he then proceeded to show me a leather bracelet he had been wearing for a couple of months, and I was gob smacked when I saw the colour, and thought to myself, that this was exactly the sort of material that is able to express the beauty of impermanence. I never really grasped what leather was, to me it was always a material that was used on expensive items. It was only when I began to use the material and manipulate it did I realise it was worth it’s weight in gold! It was strong, resilient, near unbreakable, yet still soft and supple. I’ve spent some time dabbling in leathercraft, and so far have made a couple of wallets and a few objects, and have come to really love it, its much different to running power tools continuously when woodworking!

I know its a small update, but I’ll try and keep updating more often, until it finally becomes a habit!

Keep an eye out for the photoshoot, it should be here soon!


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