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Prototype 3 – Early CAD

Here are some early CAD “sketches”

I’ve taken in some feedback and tried to re-approach my designs.

The idea, is to keep the general feel of the design, while trying to reduce weight, and manufacturing time so some of the details are:

1. Keeping the bottom section one whole laminated piece, from the down tube through to the chain stays, ensuring maximum rigidity and stiffness in the bottom bracket area.

2. I’ve separated the top section into two parts, and tried to thin it out. Dropping weight and structural integrity where it is not necessarily needed. The top tube has the same laminate direction as the down tube, and ends at the seat tube. The Seat stays will be made purely from mahogany, and the laminate direction will be opposite from the other pieces, providing extra stiffness in the other axis.

3. The seat tube is now going to be made from steel, similar to my first prototype, this reduces time spent on the middle section, while keeping it just as strong.

Construction and jig building will begin soon, once the CAD has been finished, and I pick up a few tools to speed up the process.





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