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Prototype 3 update

While I’ve been trying to pump out the third bike as soon as possible, I’ve also been working on a few other projects and been doing a fair amount of contemplating lately about my design career.

The third bike is progressing quite well, with the down tube chain stay half layered, and with the top tube and seat stays nearly on their way, I’ll soon be able to assemble everything and begin to start carving! The only real change from my original design, is the mahogany to beech ratio. Originally only the seat stays would be made from mahogany, as they take significantly less stress than all other parts of the frame, mahogany a ‘lighter’ wood would be suitable. My design now has both the top tube and seat stay as mahogany, and only the down tube/chain stay as beech. As I’m trying to reduce the weight as much as I can. -pictures soon

Hopefully if I get accepted into the RMIT green inventors final I will have this bike finished, and show that I am capable of producing top quality bikes. Plus the prize is 2000 dollars, so that’s a big incentive as well.

I’ve also been keeping myself busy with my felix, a 3D printer which in my spare time I’m trying to calibrate and get it printing right, and I’m also working on articles about bicycle fitting for Andy Choy at Bike pro, and apart from those things, trying to get my fitness back has been taking lots of time and dedication!

Anyway, I’ll update with images soon of my progress and keep everyone up to date!


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