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incomplete, imperfect, impermanent

Carving in harmony

Having finished the laminating and building means one thing, carving! The most enjoyable part, carving, basically means taking the blank piece of timber and slowly chipping away at it to … Continue reading

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Pictures of progress!

Hey everyone, here are some new images of the latest progress with prototype 3. The bottom section is finished and is ready to be trimmed back, the seat stays are … Continue reading

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Monument magazine feature!

Monument magazine was looking at interviewing recent design graduates, and I was lucky enough to be one of the few they were interested in! It involved a photo-shoot and an … Continue reading

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Prototype 3 update

While I’ve been trying to pump out the third bike as soon as possible, I’ve also been working on a few other projects and been doing a fair amount of … Continue reading

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Prototype 3 – Early CAD

Here are some early CAD “sketches” I’ve taken in some feedback and tried to re-approach my designs. The idea, is to keep the general feel of the design, while trying to reduce … Continue reading

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DVR – Durable visible record, uploaded!

I’ve uploaded my DVR to Issuu, please take a look if you have time! Here’s the link, http://issuu.com/zhengchin/docs/dvr

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Potential designs

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Prototype 3

So having finished University, and getting positive responses about my wooden bicycle, to keep the momentum going, I’m going to spent time working on prototype 3. The first prototype was … Continue reading

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Artefact, Approach, Agenda

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Wooden bicycle “prototype 2”

My Honours year project, at RMIT Industrial design Melbourne. Abstract: To explore the use of timber as an ecologically sustainable material for bicycle frame construction. And create a skilfully detailed … Continue reading

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